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Casein In Grow!

Classic Grow! has calcium caseinate in it, Low-Carb Grow! has micellar casein in it. What’s the difference between the two?

The micellar casien is made with real mice! Realy I don’t know, but have been curious. I have seen calcium casienate popping up in a few things lately. I’m a chronic label reader.

Actually they are both good slow digesting Proteins. They create a large Cottage cheese type curdle, when they enter the stomach and are attacked by the acids. This makes then be a steady release slow source of High quality protein. Micellar being a very complete unadultered version that has all the various fragile enzymes etc still attached.

You can actually get a very good description by reading the product info. threads for both and various threads and articles on Protein.

Also google is you friend if that doesnt fill you needs.