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Casein Hydrolysate


A few people have mentioned that they have been able to purchase some casein hydrolysate and I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction of where to purchase some. I have been searching online and haven't found anything. Thanks for your time.


The few times I had people use that company the stuff ended up tasting like crap, even with flavoring and the often ended up throwing awa the product.

Really soon there should be some good news for those wanting a great tasting, high quality CH


Is there a drastic difference between micellar casein and casein hydrolysate CT?


It's not even remotely close to being near the same ballpark!!!

Hydrolysates are broken down protein into peptides, dipeptides and tripeptides which basically requires no digestion (super fast absorption). Micellar, and other types of casein are not broken down and thus take a long time to digest.


So casein hydrolysate is more like whey isolate by nature? That's interesting, I thought casein was inherently of slower digestion/absorption...that being said casein hydrolysate would not be an ideal protein to consume right before bed whereas micellar might be a better choice? Also, why would someone supplement with CH as compared to whey isolate? Just to get in some protein variation?


Haha, yeah the "lemon-lime" CH I got my hands on is what I would call "less than tasty", but it will have to do for now.


hyrolysis is the pre-digestion of intact proteins usually done via enzymes from the manufacturer to mimic what your body does to whole protein intake. Because of this, the smallest peptides (di and tri) are absorbed very quickly. BUT a big caveat to this is that enough of the protein has to be hydrolyzed or you only get a tiny portion of peptides. A company can claim they sell hydrolyzed protein and then only hydrolyze 2-3% !

Therefore, at least with respect to casein and its hydrolysate, there is a significant difference in their ability to induce hyperaminoacidemia.

There is some debate, at least from the studies I've seen and the experts I've talked to, on whether whey vs its hydrolysate is much of a difference though. Others may disagree.



Thanks for the replies. Since I can't get CH what would be the best alternative? I know earlier you said that Surge Recovery would be an ok alternative because it had whey hydrolysate in it.

However, I just read a post in one of the treads that whey hydrolysate maybe not be fast absorbing enough to get the desired effect. Would it be a waste to invest in a whey hydrolysate product or should I just wait until the CH product comes out? ( if it does actually come out).
Thanks for your time


Thanks man.


Make sure you compare the degree of hydrolysis of the protein in the products you are debating on buying. Go with proteins with high degrees of hydrolysis. If a product doesn't list it, it likely has a low percent of it's nitrogen in the form of ffAA or di and tripeptides....


DH, welcome back to the boards... Long time since you have been around here, no? Hope all is well.


Very good point indeed.


Well thank you, kind sir. ;-0

I did indeed have a long hiatus.



Tastes like dirty diapers. Or how I imagine dirty diapers taste...I've never actually put one in my mouth.


Just out of curiosity, what about peptopro?

I know Hydrolyzed Casein taste like poop but isn't pepto essentially a tasty hydrolyzed protein?


I've been using this product for a few weeks and lets just say that Biotest needs to release their own version soon, because the taste is beyond horrible.


If taste is a concern, no fears on the taste of Anaconda.


wow i thought it would have been all right because it has been debitterized
worth noting though the peptopro has a very high degree of hydrolysis (good thing)
but the more hydrolyzed it is the more bitter the taste
trust me if it wasn't debitterzied you wouldnt get the protein past your tonsils
ive tryed plain hydrolyzed products that are less hydrolyzed than pepto pro and its a real struggle to drink it

if anyone can hit the nail on the head with a good quality casien hydrolysate and make it palattable its gonna be Biotest, but hurry up all ready! :slight_smile:



Ted Toalston:
"The only down side is the taste but the benefits far outweigh it"

I'm confused


Taste is a personal preference. One guy might love the taste while another thinks it taste like dog shit. Hopefully Anaconda doesn't taste like the latter!