I was reading a Designer Protein Bar ad and it says: “We don’t use any cheap caseinate protein so you don’t have to worry about cancer.”
Well MRPS use casien, I buy casein, most people love casein! What the hell are they talking about? I have never read anywhere that: “casienate causes cancer!” Does anybody have a clue about this BS?

“Our gas does not contain any water!”
It is a marketing dodge. Does anyone know of a study that links “cheap casenite protein” to cancer? Not me.

HAHAHAHA. That’s funnier than tricep kickbacks in the squat rack with a belt.

Know how to change this sort of shit? Write to Designer Protein and tell them that you’re not going to buy any more of their products because you don’t like the dodgy marketing. In fact, I think I’ll do that myself…

geez we all know only creatine causes cancer

I’m afraid exposure to sleazy marketing techniques might cause cancer.

These days it appears everything “causes cancer”. I recall they changed their minds several times on various “cancer causing” foods. Frankly I find it difficult to trust some of these “scientific” (or more accurately non-scientific) reports.

There was an article at Yahoo news this morning about coffee causing cancer.

I believe there was some study with milk that mentioned casien being involved with cancer. I cant remember where i saw it but they said this was preliminary and more studies are needed.


Hey TEK, I thought the news was that caffeine applied directly to the skin helped to prevent skin cancer? Just caught the last part of the story last night on the news, so I could be mistaken.

Banned?..Kind of like cigarettes?

While I agree that the claim (that casein is related to cancer) is most likely utter marketing BS, the last post (by dynosar13) made me stop to think for a minute. It would be unwise to assume that just because something might be unsafe, it would be banned (cigarette, anyone?). Don’t forget that the government, the great, general-public-loving people that they are, most likely makes millions of dollars a year from the sale of milk produced on government owned and/or sanctioned farms. I highly doubt even if the statement were ever to be proved true, that milk would be banned. Also remember that, as T-Mag has stated several times, that there is a HUGE difference between “correlation” and “causation” between two factors in a scientific study. Lurking variables are always going to be present in studies that involve something such as human and/or animal subjects.

Go BEARS…NFL is only a week away!!

Just so everyone knows, Im not buying this protein, cancer stuff. My reaction to something I had read about it was - yeah right. So I will continue drinking milk and use protein powders with casein.

Honestly, I use the Designer Whey pre-mixed drinks in a bottle because I am lazy and they make decent whey protein there.

Their marketing, OTOT, sucks big time. They are so groupthunk into this whey good, casein bad crap they have lost all semblance of reality on the topic.

Casein is not bad. In fact, it’s good.

Actually, the study did not suggest we should apply caffeine topically. It’s just that it’s hard to get rodents to sit down and enjoy a few good cups of strong java–they just scurry around so!