Casein and Whey

I use protein powders when i wake up, post workout and before i go to bed. Wouldnt it be better to use 50/50 mix of whey and casein no matter for what?

for instance waking up yea you want whey so it can hit the bloodstream fast but wouldnt you also want casein to keep the protein levels sustained longer? same with pwo and before bed.

You may not always want a protein absorption spike.

At the same time, when you do, you may not want it slowed down by casein.

Realistically, I’m sure you can get fine results with a mixture like you describe, but people will argue until the cows come home about what is going to be optimal.

yea i agree, you will get a million different answers to this…just use what works for you man, if the 50/50 mix works and you like it, than do it…most of all, lift hard and heavy, good luck

well ive only been using whey. I didnt even know there was other proteins besides whey and soy. so i used the search feature and read what i could and it seemd to me that a 50/50 mix would be the best. but maybe mixing the whey with casein would slow down the absorbtion of the whey. to complicated for me

Iron warrior i just realised you were from Jersey. so am i, what part are u from?

Ideally you’d want whey alone, unless you are going to be fasted for a period.