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casein and mental disorder

 Milk has been associated with causing mental disorders such as autism. Why? Besides a positive direct correlation between increased dairy intake and mental disorders, here's a piece of information.
 Milk has Casein. Yes, that's the culprit. I love casein as much as you do. However, humans stop producing the enzyme necessary for digesting casein at 2 years old - well, at least we stop producing as much, and it's very individual. This translates to 80 % of the world's population being dairy tolerant or sensitive. You woudna expect 10,000 years would take care of this little glitch in our enzyme profile would you?
 Without caseinate (the enzyme that breaks casein apart), caseine just sits in the digestive system. Sometimes it just goes up the air tube and causes asthma. However caseinate eventually breaks apart into two dangerous smaller proteins, which i forget the name. Studies found these proteins make their way to the brain and have found that they concentrate in the areas of the brain responsible for epilepsy and autism. My pooint? Besides the fact your body probably has a hard time digesting that casein, if you want to avoid seeing the banana in your fruit basket get up and leave all on its own, you might want to minimize or completely cut dairy products. 

That info is so wrong it’s laughable. Let me guess, you got that from a militant vegan site, right?

 As a matter of fact the author is one of the following a high protein/high fat diet, as its best supported y evolution. He pooints out only in the last 10000 years did agriculture, maning grains, fruits, veggies, and milk and dairy, become a part of our diet. 10,000 years is less than a second in the 24 hour clock of human evolution. These are facts. I eat casein all the time with my cottage. I eat fruit once in a while. Just because I can and wanna, doesnt make it good. Your body doesnt evolve one way for millions of years only to make a big change at the last fraction of a second. Eat all the fruit and drink all the 5 gallons of millk you want.

Dang, that was funny.

Goes up in the air tube and causes asthma? WTF?

My man, I’m not sure the intent of your random postings today, but we thrive on factual info around here, and you’re so far off on this it’s not even funny.

So your only factual evidence to support this notion is that “it makes sense” because of evolution? Sorry, but you’re gonna have to do better than that.