Casein and Autoimmune Disorders?

Does casein have an affect on autoimmune disorders?

Apparently I have mild Graves’ disease. The last time I had a flare up I used Metabolic Drive to help put the muscle I lost back on. Now, some articles are saying that casien can trigger an autoimmune response. Is this just more hype ( milk nazis) or is it possible? I really love my fat ass shakes and believe they help me to get extra calories in.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I gave it to my son because he had infant milk allergy. It was the only type (besides soy) that he could digest without problems.

Do you have or have you ever had any problems with other milk products?

Years ago I used to be fairly lactose intolerant, but nowadays the only thing that seems to bother me is sour cream.

I’d give it a shot. Not that autoimmune reactions aren’t a problem, but a lot of times people jump to conclusions about an easily confusing subject like this. Or even if they are right, they’re only right about a specific set of circumstance.

I think so too! I don’t recall any problems last time. Thanks!