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Casein and allergies

OK, now we’re in love with casein, and it seems as it is better than whey in terms of muscle gains. There is one thing though that concerns me. I’ve read that casein is a strong allergen, especially if you’re lactose intolerant. I am getting a rash (slight) every time I eat casein-containing MRP. I wonder whether it will get worse with time. Allergies are b*tch, very annoying and progressive (I’ve seen people that were allergic to one food but slowly become allergic to many foods, and that was no fun), so maybe it is better to stay away from casein? I’d be glad to hear your opinions.

If you are allergic to casein then stop taking it. You do not have to have it in order to gain muscle. Yes it is a very good source of protein but so is whey, tuna, and steak. If you are going to keep taking casein take it along with digestive enzymes or in yougurt form.
Good Luck
Jack J

I too am alergic to casein. I have tried everything, but i get a rash also. I have just settled on eating real food. Sure its more work to prepare but it could be worse. I still try MRP’s from time to time thinking it will go away. But no luck. Im just glad Surge doesnt cause a rash.

That’s strange… I seem to get hives whenever I take my whey protein (Iso-Whey is the name I think). For this reason I’m kinda hesitant to use MRPs and protein powders now. I just order some Surge and am hoping it doesn’t have the same effect. It might just be the particular brands of protein/MRP we’re using… perhaps it’s an additive or preservative that’s causing the problem?

Have you tried a low lactose powder, like below 0,5 % lactose ?

I’m afraid I haven’t seen much proteins/MRPs where there will be lactose % provided. Maybe it is just me. Going back to casein, I still wonder whether one needs to avoid it at all costs (if it is a potent allergen capable of breaking havoc w/your immune system), take it sparingly (if one does not have evident allergic reaction to it and is not afraid to acquire one) or just disregard all fears because some amount of casein are almost unavoidable.

holy shit… so casein can cause rashes.

Do the rashes localize in any particular spot?

I seem to have developed a rash on the inner thigh area as well as other spots.

Jesus H christ!!! Well, no mo cottage cheese for me.

No Bobu, that is herpes.

Chances are the allergy won’t go away on it’s own although it might become harder to identify. The way the body can adapt to a food allergy or food sensitivity is similar to how the body adapts to weight training or any other stress. Think of it this way…you start weight training intensely…at first you get extremely sore and your body is stressed but in time you adapt and feel normal although if you continue adding the stress without ever taking a break you’ll end up overtraining and/or injured and these are things that usually creep up on you slowly so you really don’t notice them. Now say you take 2 weeks off from training and come back and hit it again you’ll sure be depleted the next day. In much the same way a food intolerance over time can grow to where it’s un-noticed but during this time can and will contribute to other problems such as bad digestion, leaky gut syndrome, metabolic changes and by doing this can further weaken the system and contribute to the development of other food allergies/intolerances etc. You might grow to the point where you never notice your food intolerance but if you eliminate it from the diet for week or so, thus giving the body a break from the stress, and then if you were to reintroduce it suddenly after this break then you would most definitely experience a big flare up in symptoms. (in much the same way that you experience substantial soreness from not having trained in 2 weeks) So the best thing for you to do, if you know that it is casein causing the problem, is to totally eliminate it from your diet for at least 5 days and then add it back in 1 time and see what symptoms you experience. If you notice the same symptoms then you can be sure that it’s probably casein causing the problem and you’ll probably have to totally avoid it. If you totally avoid it for long enough you might find that over time you’ll be able to handle a bit from time to time without any problems.

herpes? holy shit!!!

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In Sweden we have at least one brand of kassein and one with whey that are below 0,5 % lactose.