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Case Study, Help Please :)


Hey guys,
I have a case study that I need help with. Taking a PT course, all I ask for is: if you can help me out with suggestions, cool and unique ideas that you may have that would be awesome.

Dont actually build a program up for me, just help me out if you can.

Here is a quick brake down of the study.

Male 55 years of age (beginner)
belongs to a local community center where he plays tennis. Has not been active since H.S. Walks 2x per week for a few km. Has never gone through a formal weight training-program.

RHR 70bpm
RBP 120/80
VO2 max 37 ml.kg.mi
23% body composition
He can do 10 crunches 12 sit ups and has a 14cm reach on a sit reach stretch.

His goals are:
increase muscle mass
increase muscle tone
loose fat

He wants to workout 3x a week.

What i need is a:
proper warm up
proper cardiovascular training
proper resistance training

I want to have him perform a few exercies that will help his tennins and basketball.

Hit me up guys lets brain storm :slight_smile:



I don't think this counts as a "case study" since you only have a case, but no study.

What you are looking for is someone willing to do your job, only without any payment or direct contact with your client.

Perhaps you should find another line of work? Something in a cubicle?


"Client" in the study! I'm taking a course and we've gottein this on the 1st day, it's a practice run just to see what pople can come up with. I've never trained people in the gym and don't have expericence with 55 year olds that have never lifted weights. So I though I would come here for advise and suggestions! Since I am on here everyday as it is.


Arent those supposed to be your own suggestions based on what you know then?

If you hand in something from someone on a forum, that might not help you so much in the long run.


Russ, I'm kinda leaning to agree with Muppet on this. It sort of sounds like you want us to answer your homework. No offense.

I know how I'd train this guy. I want to know what you would to with him. Or, how about...if you were him, and you had access to T-Nation...what would you do then?

Rather than "brainstorm" some of my ideas right off the bat, I'd like to see what you're thinking of doing. Then we can discuss it.

I'll give you one clue though...there are a handful of exercises I believe anyone can benefit from, regardless of age, gender, experience, or goals.


Sounds good, this is awesome.

I have 2 weeks to do this, I will work on it and post it up here, for your opinions! thank you T-Nation!


::Bumped like a volleyball::

I was wondering how this went. What did you end up doing with the "client"?