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Case Report: Fluoxymesterone-induced Gynaecomastia

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4434366/ (2013)

Prednisone, ATG and fluoxymesterone (7 y, 25 mg/d), and his blood results (HPTA slightly blocked) after 5-6 years of halo cessation:

Oestradiol 7.63–42.6 pg/mL 42.1 pg/mL
Prolactin 80–430 mIU/L 419.6 mIU/L

What do you think happened he’s got tits like that?

Gyno developed during Halo solo (inability to interact with aromatase, 5AR metabolites seems to be very androgenic althought 5AR affinity is weak). Just a confirmation that gyno is not just a P4, E2 or/and PRL thing.

Hes not messing around. Thats not gyno, thats half a sex change!

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Who doesn’t love a “where are they now”

Poor boy… what a shit scenario to have to go through

Aplastic anaemia at young age, aggressively treated with pharmaceuticals, on (reasonably) high dose halo for a LONG time

Finally his ordeal is over

Develops titties

Perhaps the pharmacokinetics/action of these agents is altered when use is initiated prior to adolescence? Who knows… I have quite a few problems I attribute to primarily stem from being given 7mg adex weekly as a child

The field of pediatric endocrinology is a whole different beast… the way the HTPA works as a kid isn’t the same as an adults… at all