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Casaulty Rate in Gulf War

Hey everybody,

I don’t post often, but I heard something the other day on Conservative talk radio that disturbed me greatly.

According to the head of the Veterans Administration, (I don’t remember his name)the war with the highest casaulty rate was THE GULF WAR!!!

At first, I thought he was bullshitting, but he went onto explain that Gulf War syndrome has killed or crippled so many Gulf vets that the casaulty rate has skyrocketed from what it was at the end of the war.

Why have we not heard about this before?

Matt S

Well, “conservative talk radio,” pretty much sums up the validity his claim. On the other hand, Gulf War syndrome is something that has been conveniently swept under the rug. The way our vets are treated in USA is complete BULLSHIT. They are given the hardest job in the world to do and get shit on when they get back.

What did he define as “casualty rate”? You can make statistics mean anything you want. Take that bullshit about black coaches in the NFL; that 67% made the playoffs last year. Sounds impressive at two out of three, but when you consider there were only three in the whole league and two made it; no big deal. But back to the topic. One out of nine US soldiers died while serving in the Mexican-American War (1846-48). Most from disease. This is an enormously high rate, percentage wise. I doubt the Gulf War rate is that high.

For the same reason you did not “hear” about the Army laying off 650,000 soldiers before and after the Gulf War. Oh, you may have hear about the Peace Savings because of base closings. Had a major corporation layed off a 1,000 workers it would have been front page news.

When you say,“Have not heard of this before” what are you referring too? G.W.S has been around for 10 years. The government just did not want to admit to it. You know how much they would have had to pay out in benefits? Think about that. I lost over half my hearing, have gotten stress fractures in my knees, shins, have gotten malaria just to name a few and I was told I do not qualify for benefits when I got out. All these conditions did not exist before I went in so should I not be reimburssed for my losses? I was 24 years old and half deaf, wonderful.

Actually, I thought that hearing it on conserrvative talk radio gave it a bit more credibility, as they like to hide these things because they are so pro-war.

I had heard about Gulf War Syndrome years ago, but I had no idea it was so widespread.

What upsets me is that I think alot of Americans are under the impression that another war with Iraq will be just a walk in the park. I don’t think that will be the case. And I think people would feel different if they knew the truth about GWS.

As much of a ‘dove’ as I may be, I agree that our veterans get screwed over royally. There’s no way they sshould be payed so little and recieve such poor benefits.

I agree with part of Matt S’s last post. In this case, the fact that it’s on conservative talke radio lends it some credibilty, but I think the fact that it’s on a partisan political radio show negates that. The reason you’ve probably not heard about G.W.S. is because, as was said earlier, it has been denied by the military. Also, since aparently veterans being denied their coverage isn’t a headline that catches the attention of the masses, it has been given little coverage from large media networks.

Well, before we go getting high and mighty, I’d suggest one investigate the scientific basis for a belief in “Gulf War Syndrome.” My guess is you’ll find that basis rather disappointing.

Why have you not heard of it??? Let me guess.
For the same reason You have not heard of the “Nation”, “Mother Jones”, “Progressive”, Pacifica Radio or the Internet

The latest I have seen is that experiments on low dose exposure to Sarin gas causes some pretty long term effects that are similar to Gulf War Syndrome in animals. It’s too early to tell if that translates to the same thing in humans but there were large numbers of Gulf War troops that are known and documented to have been exposed to Sarin at low levels.

Is that a same scientific reasoning that came up with “steroids do not work” only a couple of decades ago. KK