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Cartwright's Single Ply 1025 Sqt


He also totaled 2469, with a 744 DL and a 705 bench.



Thanks for the video link. That was unbelievable!


yea hoss is the man.......


Man he really got down there on the 1025! No doubt that was legit


Love the "internet judges" dig at the end.


Did a heavy squat day this morning and I am having trouble walking... but this video made it all better. What a squat. Nice to see someone doing weight like that with a walkout.

Good find rrjc5488


Did ya'll see how easy that 1003 went up? My dear Lord. The 1025 didn't look much slower. That was awesome. What's the multi-ply and raw record?


Wow, that is awesome. I wonder what half a ton feels like when you actually have to take a few steps with it.


I was there, and EVERYONE was flat out stunned how easy he made it look.

His squats were some of the fastest squats I saw all day.


incredible. the fact that he walked it out makes it that much better.


Great lift, I liked the view to.




Crazy lift. The walk-out is insane.

RRJC, you from Sacramento?


thanks for the front pic...video looked a little high to me, but I like em IPF deep


Lucky ass! If I lived anywhere near there, I'd be breaking down Supertraining's door to lift with them.

Squatting that at all is pretty amazing, much less deep, single ply, and walked out.


The atmosphere must have been incredible!!
How does a guy even draw a breathe with that on your back!!


What is even more impressive is that there are no negative comments on the video.


But seriously....amazing squat.


The bastard DOES lift with them!

Great squat!


x2. But then again, what is there bad to say?