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Cartrophen Vet



35 plus lifters often have mild to severe joint problems--I am no exception. I have had some luck with HGH spot injections---but---there is a Vet med which is also used on people in other countries (I am in Toronto)--and when used with HGH n a series of injections it will cure (yes cure) most joit issues. It is called Cartrophen Vet and it is made/distributed by Biopharm in Austrailia. Its chemical ID is Pentosan Polysulfate and has few side effects if used properly.

Does anyone know where I can get it shipped to Canada or US address. It is used by the National Rugby teams of Austrailia and New Zealand. It will cure--not just treat..




I saw this posting whilst I was searching for related material.

I don't know where to buy this stuff (sorry), but I thought I could add my two-cents to the post:

Many years ago, I had a German Shepherd Dog (actually two...) who developed "Hip Displasia" (if I spelled it correctly). This is a common hip disease for the breed. My dog would scream in pain during either sudden movement or even mild movement after a long period of rest; to the pont where I thought he was going to have to be destroyed. Usual traetments of the day (early 1990's, by the way) did not work - and I spared no expense trying either. My vet then learned of Cartrophen, and suggested that he try it on my dog. I agreed. It WORKED! As in 100% effective - it literally cured my dog of a supposedly incurable disease. I thus vouch for the product (well, in dogs anyway...).

Good luck trying to find it - perhaps a vet in the UK could help?





Thanks for sharing that with me----many bodybuilders use this--but--right now is a bad time to share confidential Info. There are studies regards this product now with human beings---It appears to work the same way---apparently it will also cure any form of tendonitis---and prevent tendon/ligament damage---which some people argue is one of the major causes of arthritis. Please update me




Two thoughts----maybe your vet would look the other way----or perhaps the local dog breeder.

I need about 2 bottles



I don't have a vet now. My dogs died nearly ten years ago, and that was when I lived in England (I now live in Tennessee; I'm British by birth). Sorry for not making that clear.



Does this stuff do anything for cartilage? My dad's got basically no cartilage left in his right knee and is looking at partial knee replacement right now.



Check out Dr. Jonathan Wright's newsletter, Nutrition and Healing, for April 2005 (vol. 12, issue 3). A U.S. doctor has come up ith a very successful treatment for his arthritic patients, and part of the treatment is pentosan polysulphate. An article's been published in Seminars in Arthritis and Rheumatism 1999: 28(4): 211-267.
Dr. Wright's website is www.wrightnewsletter.com.
Hope this helps.