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Cartman is the Greatest Character Ever Created




He's the most likeable evil cunt on TV. He's genius.

Remember, even if he cured AIDS and Cancer, he would still owe Santa two presents.


LOLOL awesome. on a side note...I'm liking that chic in your avi..MMF!!!?


My Favorite Cartman moment and episode in general.

Cartman and Randy Marsh make up that show.


Randy Marsh IS the best part of the show though.


cartmanism 101



OMFG this episode is so hilarious....first time seeing it tonight, Love "Dog Whisperer" Cesar Milan :slightly_smiling:

When Cartman's mom realizes she can't control her son anymore, she gets help from an expert. The "Dog Whisperer" may have what it takes but Eric Cartman's not going down without a fight.


Butters is my boy

On a side note, I have been a little dissapointed in the first two episodes this season anyone else?



But they always come up with a few good ones. Its just a matter of time. The sex addiction theme had potential but they arent edgy enough anymore.


Randy Marsh is DEF on cartmans level. "Whaddya wanna do?...Whaddya wanna do?" And his rocky training montage was awesome.


The Tiger woods game was fuckin hilarious, especially when they play it at the end of the episode when the game changes back.


You like the girl in my avi? Shes pretty right?




"I even think I saw a Native American...gross." lmfao



One of Randy's best moments though was definitively the Homeless/Zombie Parody one. Up until this season SP was the only show I thought was getting continually better and more progressive, the first episodes were rather crude and unfunny, though maybe I just didn't get a lot of the ironic humor underneath all the shock value.


Gotta love Randy, but I gotta admit to being a little disappointed in the past season or two of the show.

Granted, they were on a roll for like 10 years straight (it seems like every episode during that span is a 'classic' South Park), so I'm not too bummed.

As far as the Greatest Character is concerned, though, I really say you gotta give Mr. (Ms.) Garrison... the development of that character and the phases he/she went through over the course of the series - without growing stale or played out - is nothing short of epic.


(Palm on face)
Ur doin it all wrong..


pffftt...Stewie shits on Cartman handsdown for the Greatest Character Ever Created title!!


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA....well in this pic we are


Im totally comfortable saying that Butters is so cute just how they do his voice and mannerisms make him awesome