Cartilage Tear on Glenoid, Not Repairable

Ok heres the back story guys.

i was a competitive amateur boxer and lso enjoyed lifting weights once in a week, one morning i woke up with pain on my left shoulder, didnt think much of it, the pain lasted for a while so went to get it checked out, doctor sent me to physio it didn’t work so went to an orthopedic surgeon, had an xray and mri scan and found nothing, 8 weeks ago i had arthroscopic surgery to see whats really wrong, surgeon found a tiny cartilage tear on the edge of the shoulder socket (glenoid), he said its not surgically repairable and would have to let it heal on it own and do some more physio therapy in the mean time.

i have been out from doing any kind of physical activity for nearly 2 years now, my shoulder is irritating and hurting, it is so frustrating i can not even explain.

i am looking for any kind of performance enhancing drugs, steroid what ever the hell it takes to get better, this is ruining my life!

please guys help a desperate f***er out!!!

2 years with no activity, you’re well into the chronic stage of things, and likely have other issues going on that aren’t going to show on imaging or arthroscopy, but are more functional. You may need to go to an experienced musculoskeletal practitioner.

Someone who can assess your function and determine what you can do to offload the damaged area as much as possible while still attaining a training effect. Look at some of the articles on the site here, there is a wealth of information, a little research goes a long way…

Or if you just want drugs, you can try heroin, I hear that blocks the pain pretty well. (Sarcasm)

What exactly is a musculoskeletal practitioner?

I have had physical therapy once before and am trying it once more, 2 orthopedic surgeons have checked me, one did the operation and another reviewed the video, its a tiny tear which is placed at an awkward position.

i have done research for so long and every article i read basically says the same thing, this injury is very uncommon and there aren’t many information about it, its not even a labral tear!

any help???