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Cartilage Repair Supplements?


Hey all, I made a post a while back about my hurt wrist. I got an MRI Tuesday and was told it is a torn TFCC (wrist cartilage). It's been 6 months, the doctor says that it usually takes 3-6 months to heal and that since it's better now than it was when i hurt it, it means it's healing and surgery shouldn't (hopefully) be needed.

My question is are there any supplements that can help me heal my torn tfcc? I almost opted for surgery just because i want to be done with this, but the doctor says that logic tells him it is healing and just needs more time. I just want to know if there is anything I can do to help heal it?

Also, if anyone has any advice about anything at all that will help me get back into lifting faster it would be appreciated.


Get a home ultra sound for about 175.00 and do it 3 times a day


Clucosomine, MSM, Fish Oil, Cissus Rx, Animal Flex, Flameout


ive heard shark cartilage is good too.


It's often found in joint supplements. Shark cartilage or any type of cartilage does not get used in the body as cartilage. It's mostly to do with a placebo affect.


why do you say that about shark cartilage? What do you base that one?


the reason they sell shark cartlidge is because the shark is one of a few if not the only animal that does not suffer from arthritis .
glucosamine ,chondratin and msm IMO .


I picked up the glucosamine and chondratin both before I read these responses, as well as got some more fish oil. Started taking those 3 days ago. I didn't get the msm because i hadn't heard that much about it in comparison to the glucosamine and chondratin when i researched this online. Is msm that helpful? Should I invest in it seperately then? I already have the glcuosamine, chondratin, and fish oil as i said so im wondering how much msm will benefit?


I believe they researched that msn, glucosamin, and chondroitin together worked best than just taking one or the other. You find a lot of joint supplements with all three in one. To answer your question, MSM would help as its been researched to improve joint health. What I would do is wait till you finish what you have and buy a capsules with all three in one cap.