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Carter Says Obama Opposition Racist



Ok, can we finally mark him off as a crack-pot scenile old fucker who has now made himself totally irrelevant. So now we cannot disagree with obama because if we do, we're racists. I knew this would happen somewhere down the line, but I kinda figured it would be coming from the administration when it was against the ropes.

I guess I am a racist, because I vehemently disagree with many of obama's policies.


He didn't say that it was EVERYONE.

But to a degree I think he's right.


Presidents are getting more stupid as we go along. Imagine something like the Lincoln-Douglas debates today.

Obama, with an idiot's crudeness, seeking to increase spending when we're so in the red. Bush attacking a country that had nothing to do with 9/11. Clinton ignoring numerous warning shots and letting 9/11 happen.

Hell, Nixon was smarter than all these yokels.


Carter was the most useless dumbass I have seen in national politics.his opinion is irrelevant. 444 days Jimmy.


Come on he is just trying to preserve his title as the worst president. Obama in less then one year is already challenging him and might take that title by 2010.


Coming from someone in downtown Crackerville USA, this is a hard sell. I never saw anything related to racism against Obama, maybe Carter was put up to put it out there. He was probably the only person who could pull it off. An all-around nice guy Mr. Carter, but hardly a world leader and spokesperson for the masses.



Only in the eyes of babbling rednecks.


These two are gems aren't they?


I think that when people say things like what Prez Carter said, it is more of a commentary on themselves then the people they are criticizing.


You mean this Jimmy Carter?

The race card.... The first and last bastion of liberalism. Can't debate the issue? Scream RACISM! I swear, this race card is the Democrat's meal ticket for the next three years. This is how they are going to get their agenda across, by simply shouting down any dissent with "Racist!"

This fucking RACIST witch hunt is getting out of control. And we have three more fucking years of this shit.



Anyone who thinks that Wilson is a racist for calling the president a "liar" is obviously projecting.


This is now at scarey levels. People are actually psycologically profiling peoples thoughts and motivations. Welcome facists!! The left is now saying..."Yeah Joes from the south and they have been racist...so it stands to figure that he's pissed off Obama is pres and he's a racist. " Bullshit. Now, any disagrement of Obama by Wilson automatically will get the race card.

Obama was supposed to be the great uniter...but he and his administration have actually pulled that card and are using it over and over. Congress is now banning speech. They took an oath to uphold the constitution, and now they are policing words in the House. Thought police is now on the move.

Obama, the great Divider.


I'm not agreeing with Carter here, but if you haven't spent a fair amount of time in the south and gotten to know the people who run things down here, you really have no right to comment on the racism or un-racism of the area.

There are plenty of people in my part of the world who openly oppose Obama because he is a black man with an Arab sounding name. Racism still exists to a great degree, in the south especially. It's not the wide open and public racism of the Jim Crow era, but its still there and its still going strong.

That being said, Wilson's outburst had nothing to do with race and everything to do with gaining political capitol for his upcoming re-election bid. He voted for extended Medicare coverage for illegals in 2003.


If a black man disagreed with George Bush, or any other president we have had, would that make him a racist? Could it not just be disagreeing with policies?


If he disagreed with his policies because he was white, then yes. That's what I'm getting at...there are plenty of individuals down here whose main problem with Obama's presidency is that he's a black guy with an Arab sounding name.


No. For one reason, and one reason only:


I actually welcome this incessant stream of racism accusations: ACORN vs. Fox News, Louis Gates vs. white policeman, Tea Partiers are racist, Rangel accusing fedgov healthcare opponents of racism. It needs to keep coming. Then white people will finally become immune to the term "racism," realizing that it has no real meaning anymore and is just an Alinskyesque means of control of whites, who vote mostly conservative. I predict it'll take another 1-2 years.


Racism? What's that? I seem to recall a time when it meant something in particular, but I can't recall what that was. Is it maybe a type of cheese?


Headhunter, you've gotten shorter and changed your avatar.

Remarkable progress.


If that. I'm there 20 years ago. It's a load of crap translated into I'm a freeloading commie who wants someone else to pay for my lack of responsibility.