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I’ve seen the posts from some guys who are workin on the imports, and some guys workin on domestic cars, so I thought I might ask you guys, is there anywhere to have custom made parts made and shipped to you that you know of? I have a 1977 MGB that we’re setting up for rally races, and we’re wanting cold air intakes on the engine, but there is no place to find custom hoods for these cars. I can’t find much custom anything for them, but I really need the hood, and I’m trying not to mess up the smooth lines of it too badly. If any of you know where there are any custom fiberglass or steel shops that might do this kind of work and are good, please let me know. Thanks

correct me if im wrong but an altered hood is not necessary for a cold air intake. cant you just run the tube towards the front of the car near the grill, or punch out a hole in the firewall?

It’s not necessary, but damn I like the looks of them, and if we’re doin all this to it, I’m keeping all of the stock stuff in a garage if I ever want to take it back, but I want to see just how I can make it look and run, I’m already going with a V8 Chevy 350 in it. But yeah, you’re right, I don’t have to, just kind of want to, wondered if anyone had any ideas on who might make them. I can send Autocad drawings of the current hood and what I want. Thanks though

for cold air you don’t need to but for ram air you do. There should be a fiberglass hood for that car, take it along w/ the hood scoop/vent you like and have it glassed together.I molded hood, frontend, and front z3 fenders together on my 95 Integra to make a custom one piece tilt frontend.