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What do you T-man and vixen drive? Currently have a 1999 Nissan Altima. Planning on purchasing the new Infinity G35 or I hope my cousin swaps me his Mercedes CLK AMG coupe for training sessions.

I have a 1998 BMW M3 four door model automatic. Most amazing car ever besides for the new M3’s.

A white, 2002 Toyota Tundra, V8, Limited. I absolutly love it too. Next time around though I think I’ll go with a Wrangler. My dad has one and they get around so easy and are tons of fun to drive(parking).

I envy you. ;[ My brother has a black boxster and I envy him too.

Hey PoohBaya. I read under my Arnold Classic post that you are going or might be going to the expo. I am driving up from New Orleans to Columbus on February 28th and staying until the morning of March 3rd. If you or other t-men and t-women are going to be there then I would love to meet some t-mag readers. As to matters that concern cars. Yes I can see why you are envious of your brother’s porsche. I have never driven one, but I am a car fanatic and so is my father. That is why I have the car that I do. Take it easy.

95 Grand cherrokee, but only because I had to sell my 89 sahara wrangler. I love the Jeeps, and Ill have to agree with whoever said it earlier about parking with wranglers, they are so easy to park I have been known to parallel park my old jeep in a fat woman’s ass crack.

I plan on being at The Arnold most of the day Saturday at the expo. Me and buddy, or buddies, will be there. I’ll throw up a post closer to the event and we can try to work out a time and place to meet. This designated time/area would apply to all T-maggers interested of course. On a different note, I have driven the Porsche: man, it’s friggin amazing. It holds the road like a motercycle and revs like a Ferrari. It is actually quite easy to make it draft around tight corners. Too cool.

2000 silver altima before that was a 99 accord

If you get the G35, I’ll be jealous as fuck. My winter vehicle is a 99 accord, but my summer vehicle is a 2001 ducati monster cromo.

It’s a Jeep thing, You wouldn’t understand.(97 Wrangler)

Bought my wife a 2001 Conv Mustang GT, I get to drive it every now and then.

'97 4WD F-150

who the hell is “RICK”?

  1. Candy red 1964 Chevy Impala. 4 pump, 24 switch set up.

2. Black Lexus SC430. Wearing 20" Davin Spinning rims.

3. Saving up now for the nissan 300z. Going to import it from Japan!! :)

I don’nt know how what happened. I addressed some dude name rick in another thread and it came up on every thread I posted on. Sorry for the weird mix up.

Magnus, you have the option on your browser checked that fills in the rest of the blank for you. Go uncheck that option to get rid of “to rick”.

Thats all right.

Drive '97 Ford F-350 with a big 460 ci V-8. I get horrible gas mileage, average about 9 mpg, But I can tow a house and light the tires up like a sports car. And it has a solid front axle like a truck should have. Until I get my '72 Bronco done.

2003 Nissan 350Z (Enthusiast Model, Chrome Silver). I have had it since November. Some guy had pre-ordered it, but was jerking the dealer around, so he sold it to me. It took me 2 months to see another on the road. The dealers are now able to carry some in stock, so it is not as rare as it was when I first got it. Almost every time I stop, someone asks me about it and it turns heads like a car 2 times the cost. It is very fun to drive. Accleration is very good. The handling is amazing.

I drive a nissan sentra '97. I know not the most muscle bound car you can get. But I drive 40 miles one way to work. So its great on the gas mileage. Im saving up for either a Dodge 2500 (love the truck) or either a Sub WRX STI or Mitzibishi Evolution 7 Lancer. Wow they are nice, the age of cars with balls is coming back. Only if they could make the cars and SUV’s get better gas mileage we be set.

I’m also waiting to see the new WRX STi and Mitsu EVO VII. Both cars should be quite impressive for the price. But we’ll have to wait and see. I had a WRX, and it was cool, but I actually liked my Type R more. I should have just kept the Type R in the first place. Oh well, you live and learn!