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Hay what cars do people drive here???

2000 Phoenix Yellow ITR. It’s on my web site.

2001 Silver Ford -SPORT TRAC- FULLY LOADED. 4WD, Leather, Moon roof, EVERYTHING. I love my fucking truck. The Chevy Avalanche is a giant hunk of steaming dogshit next to my baby.

Fuck you if you disagree. :wink:

I bet nobody here knows what my car looks like! 1998 Skoda Felicia. But I used to be an Alfa Romeo owner and I am still Alfista at heart. Also have 50 cc Kymco Cobra scooter and Yamaha Trailway.

Currently, 1999 Monte Carlo, tinted and bumpin’ - soon to be traded for a 2002 Ford Escape Midnight -loaded to the teeth (finally!) for this modestly income’d T-Man.

87 tan Toyota Camry. Ah the wonders of being in college.

Audi A4 2.8 Quattro. Let’s get rowdy in my Audi!

1989 Ranger, vroom vroom.

Bring it on girl! Wanna race?

2000 AMG Hummer/1942 Dodge power wagon.

91 Mazda with a huge dent in the mid-front. I love my big dent, it lets me not give a shit about hitting someone’s BMW.

nothing, my car died so i am getting used to life in a carless world, it sucks…
will have another vehicle soon though

Used to have a 2000 Grand Prix…until I slid on some ice and introduced it to a telephone pole last Tuesday morning. Now, I’ve returned to the glory days of high school; I’ve brought the 1992 Ford Taurus (AKA the “Shaggin’ Wagon”)that I used to share with my mom out of retirement. Stop laughing.

1998 Seville STS

2001 Honda Accord EX…But, it sits in the airport mostly, so I guess my real car is whatever rental I get for the week.

subaru outback sport, 5 speed. not flashy or fast or anything…but a great car.

Black Chevrolet Suburban. What a hog! I feel like the President.

I just bought a silver 2002 acura rsx type-s this morning

2000 silver eclipse GT

We’re a bit far apart geographically. I live in Southern Calif, land of the Muscle Gods and Goddesses.