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Carryover Value From Front Raises?


I was wondering if theres a carryover over from gaining strength on front raises to the military press? Or is it like the dumbell fly/bench press relationship, where although both work the chest improving on flies wont increase your bench press. Just wanted to know what value front raises have.


Training flies WILL improve your bench press....to a degree. This is because it's not the only muscle being stimulated in the bench press movement. This is also trhe case with front raises and military presses. Front raises primarily stimulate your front delts. Military presses also stimulate your side delt as well as your triceps.

So, yes it will help but I wouldn't reccomend messing with front raises as your front delts get plenty of stimulation from military presses, bench presses, etc.


Flies don't improve bench press performance too any degree. Front raises work the posterior and anterior deltoid. I believe they are a good exercise for the shoulders.

You get more increase in bench press performance from increasing your military press compared to dumbbell flies.

I believe people should include a wide range of shoulder exercises to get the best development of them. Dips and bench press etc, dont fully work or develop the shoulder muscles.


if you make progress in an exercise and make a muscle stronger, than turn around and use that now stronger muscle on a different exercise, yeah...it's gonna carry over...


How hard is it for ya'll to see noobs doing front raises, or what they call front raises, and perform them like power drop raises?

little bit of force to flex the shoulder, but they drop into it to get a "raise". I struggle not to say anything. Why anyone does front raises with the knuckles pointing up too, and not the thumb up is also odd to me. Seems that they are intending to target the front delts by desire, but ineffective by application.


Maybe it's just because I'm drunk, but that was one of the most confusing statements I've ever read.


Flyes have very little carryover to the Bench Press for me because my triceps give way before my anterior delts and pecs. With that in mind, if your delts fail first before your tris on pressing movements there will be a carryover.

I'd opt for lateral raises before front raises, however as most people's front delts already overpower their rear delts after years of pressing while paying little attention to the muscles you can't see in the mirror.


yeah, i have the amazing skill to do that anyone...even sober people:)


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How so? If your weak point in the bench is off of the chest, flies should help.


One thing I learned about front raises is that you can do them as a pure delt exercise and avoid any scapular "tilting" or you can do them with a focus on the scapular tilting function. The second form can be very beneficial for presses done similarly. Presses can also be done with a delt focus and with a focus on the subscapular muscles.


Tora-- Good point. Though confusing haha

Mert- What do you mean scapular tilting?


Basically this. Notice how the scapula tuck under as I lift a light weight out in front of me?