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Carryover Ratio


What's the best training (outside of actual combatives) that can be done? Thoughts on this?

"Now the cross over between Olympic style barbell lifting and fighting is close but not perfect. What is the perfect form of strength training for serious martial artists with a one to one ratio of practical conversion is Kettlebell training."


He continues:

"In the 1970â??s or 80â??s the Soviet Army did a study where they trained 3 groups of Spetsnaz (Soviet Special Forces) troopers. One group was trained using conventional army physical training consisting of running and calisthenics. Another group added barbell weight lifting to their PT. Group 3 did kettlebell training with no running, no calisthenics and no barbell lifting. After some months on these training routines the researchers did two things: First they administered the standard Soviet Army physical fitness test to all 3 groups. In these tests the kettlebell group did best even though they had not done any of the standard calisthenics or running involved in the test for months. Afterward the researchers sent the troops out for field exercises for months to simulate combat conditions and the effects of same on the fitness levels of the troops. After some months of this simulated war training they were brought back and retested. The calisthenics only group suffered the highest drop in fitness and strength levels, the barbell strength and army PT group was right behind the calisthenics group in their loses. In sharp contrast the kettlebell group had only slight losses in fitness and strength after 3 months away from exercise! They were almost as strong and able after not working out for that time as they had been when first tested!"


That's retarded. Your body doesn't give a fuck what weight your lifting or what it's made of. I like Mahler's stuff, but he's just like somebody else trying to sell his shit.


really interesting study, thanks for that

i don't have time to read the full article now but is there any insight as to the type of workouts they were doing with the kettlebells? also what type of workouts the others were doing?

i use kettlebells frequently myself and they are definitely a great tool for anyone involved in combat sports, but i feel you could get just as much benefit out of a barbell and plates, it's all down to what was being done with the apparatus.


They did pretty standard stuff I'm sure. I think the main bene from the KB comes by tossing it around and the constant change in center of mass of the system. There's lots of these vids on Youtube.


It's a good tool. That's it. And I love all these undocumented "studies" that the Soviets had. Remarkable how only Pavel and a couple choice others manage to have access to them.


While I tend to think the Soviets used KBs simply because they were easy to transport, I can also see how the constant changing of the center of mass during a movement would more emulate movement patterns in fighting/MMA. Do some simple exercise like a clean and press with a pair of DBs, then with a pair of KBs. The difference, to me, was quite remarkable.


Nailed it. You could do kettlebell swings with a dumbell if you felt like it. Sure the training is different but if you were badass enough to do barbell juggling workouts (it's been done) then even kettlebell guys couldn't beat that kind of 'functional' strength lol.


If you have ever been to a "center of sport"
or what ever the former USSR called the national training centers
you would realize how little gear they have-

all the wrestling centers I have been too- in the czeck repulic were identical
one mat two climbing ropes stall bars. throw dummy for take downs.
and they are all freezing

some had kettle bells- most did not.
like irish said its a tool not a religion.

the best way to get explisive in your training-
get tired of having your ass beat.