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Carrying Food Around


Im trying to organize my diet so that I don't have to carry food around with me... I hate carrying a food bag with me to work, then if I'm going out in the evening to a bar with my friends I have to carry the fuckin bag with me everywhere I go... It's a pain in the backside.
Would there be anything wrong with me eating fewer meals but bigger meals?

I'm thinking of something like this:-
Meal 1 - Breakfast - 8.am
Meal 2 - Lunch at work - 12.30pm
Meal 3 - Protien shake after work6.30pm
Meal 4 - Dinner 7.30pm

Workout from 9pm - 10pm

Meal 5 - Post w/o shake - Surge
Meal 6 - 11pm

Does the post workout shake count as a meal??
Is the big gap between lunch and the meal after work really going to have that much of a negative impact on my physique??



That's 6 hours fasted, man.

Eat some nuts of some kind.

Packed with calories, easy to put in a baggie and take with ya.


What time do you go up the pub then? Never had to eat while I was out myself.

What is your workplace like about eating mid morning/mid afternoon? Or is that not possible?


Well, only testing it out will really tell you.
Try it and see what happens!

If in 3 months, you've put on fat...or you're not gaining, that's your answer. Actually, one month will probably be enough to tell you.

Ghost is right though.
Is it really that much of a hassle to eat a handfull of nuts and a couple hardboiled eggs in between lunch and your next meal?

Throw some nuts in one, some hardboiled eggs, or lowfat turkey slices, whatever...in another one.
Throw the bags away when you're done.


I agree try it and also the ziplocks are the way to go. A nice little something in your pocket if needed and hell you can grab a snack damn near everywhere if your hungry.


Protein bars are always a good alternative. Keep a box of them at work in your desk, or somewhere they won't get eaten up.


O boo-hoo, I dont wanna take a baggie to work with me. Waaaaa.

Either find a place you can order/pick up food near your work or carry food with you. Is that so freaking complicated? If you think that's a problem then you must not really want a good physique.

Too hard to bring a sandwich and keep a shaker & protein at work? Come on.

And don't even think about gaining muscle without lunch, it doesn't happen, ever.


with all the baggys in my truck right now i look like a drug dealer. beef jerky and nuts in a bag, no need to be cooled, quick to eat, theres no reason not to. good luck



Same here, except my drug of choice smells strangely like eggs, nuts, carrots, broc, meat, etc.