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Carry Distance (Sandbag) to Shoot for?


I've started carrying sandbags. Done this about three times until now.
I live in an eight story apartment building, with the stairs ~4m long and 2.7 high, and the halls about 13 m (40 feet) long.

I'm 150, the bag I'm carrying is 105. (68/48 kg) My max DL is 290 (132 kg) (hope to hit 330 by August this year)

Any suggestions for what distance/number of stories should I shoot before adding weight to the bag? (any other suggestions related to this kind of conditioning also welcome)

Did 15 stories (7,4,4) and felt like my heart was about to break open my chest.
Today did 10 (5,5) and then carried it for 300 feet (100m) (well, 75, 75,75,75 due to both the bag wanting to fall and my legs/back/etc. wanting to stop).

Notes: - after the 15 story carry I've learnt that the heart and lungs also need training
- conditioning trains the will-power muscle...kinda hard to train it with weights since going to failure is oh-so-counterproductive...
- carrying heavy stuff is way cool
- I'm thinking of carrying the bag 3 x /week


EDIT: wonder what the neighbours will think after more of them see me...regularly...


[quote]Sterneneisen wrote:

  • carrying heavy stuff is way cool

I completely agree. I can't claim any technical expertise in this type of training due to a more haphazard "train by feel" approach, but I love this type of training. Keep it up man, it pays off.