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Carrot Top, WTH?


I just saw an "interview" on Mad TV with him tonight and the dude went from like 100 lbs to 200lbs of muscle. Whatever he's sticking in his ass, I want some of it.

...err, let me rephrase: whatever drugs he's on, I need em!


He's always been a big lifter; people just haven't been paying attention to him.


Also, the last thing I would expect to see on this board is someone acting like he suddenly got big and it wasn't because he trained his ass off for years and worked really hard at it. It has to be drugs that get the credit?


Actually I do know of two drugs he takes.
The first he takes right before every workout and it helps him train well. It's called Hard Work.

The second he's been taking every single day since he started lifting. It's called Dedication.
Both are pretty hard to come by. Unfortunately I can't give you a price range on either, you'll have to find that out yourself.


I'm a big fan of ZMA and creatine myself.


He's got to work on his makeup and hair...




yea he did not go from 100 to 200 of muscle.


Kudo's to him for the hard work and all, but damnit if he doesn't look like a tranny on test.


Stick a bikini top on him and he could be a "Powerful Image".


And pull up his pants.


Is it just me or does he look like he hasn't got a back in those pics?


I guess at least in the first picture the lats could be visible to a greater extent. The second one isn't significant as it is a front shot with the arms close to the body.


Yeah, I was referring to the first pic, sorry for the confusion. Its just not often you see a guy with guns like that without some decient back development [at least I don't]


Most people generally judge back development from .......get ready for it .....here it comes ........just a little longer ........almost there .......uhp .........BACK PICTURES!!!!!


200 lbs? Maybe holding those dumbbells


If you can't get to where Carrot Top is naturally, you ain't eating right, and you have no idea what the hell you are doing in a gym.

His look doesn't even come close to suggesting AAS.

Only the ignorant think that a magic shot will give them a nice physique.


But would jillybop 'hit it'? And how does he fill out his thong?

\|/ 3Toes


It's deja vu all over again:



This is right on. He is not overly big or heavily shredded. He does look lean, but not ridiculously lean. His pictures do not suggest steroid use to me. He looks like he has a natural, very attainable look. Besides, didn't we already have this conversation?