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Carrot Top - The Workout


The moment we all have been waiting for. See how carrot top got to be hyooge.

Bicep curls
Seated rows
Bicep curls
Lat pulldown
Bicep curls

I knew my training was missing something.

Some highlights from the interview:
"Started training back in high school..The one key I've done is taken more time to focus on what I'm doing, not doing alot of weight, but doing the right, uhhh...form. So when you are doing the cables, you really are feeling the burn.."

The trainer, pointing to carrot tops biceps on the second bicept curl variation - "that is lean guys, if you dont know what lean muscle is, that is lean"

While doing another bicep curl variation
"If you can see the movement, thats the thing, the muscle's working, its fatiguing."

Also, Carrot Top talks about about steroid allegations, and if possible, turns even more red.



I don't understand why you're talking shit. I would bet he's got a better body than you.


The dude looks pretty damn good actually, I believe I remember seeing some pictures. Shocked the hell out of me. But if you had orange hair, you'd probably want some big muscles too.

Whatever he's doing (which is probably not just the routine listed) must be working for him.


The biggest takeaway for me from the video is that I'm just wasting my potential because I'm not expanding my blood plasma.



He looks like he's in moderately good shape. No, he's no powerlifter or strongman, but you can't make fun of someone for keeping himself in check.


well, he's got better biceps. anyway, i just thought many of the lines were funny. sorry to offend you.


I thought he looked fine.


Maybe I'm the only one that really hates Carrot Top too.

And I think his biceps, fiveceps, and 10ceps suck.


What I noticed immediately was his medial delt development in comparison to posterior and anterior. He looks good, oh yes, but it just couldn't help thinking that he needs to train his rear delts more.

Call me a hater or whatever, but I think his shoulder would look a lot better with fuller rear delts.


He looks like he's in pretty damn good shape. Having said that, his skin looks "juicy." Maybe it's just me.


"prop comedy is a dark art, and Carrottop is it's most evil practitioner."

Not sure which other comedian said it.


In all seriousness....just what the hell is plasma expanding?

And can you make a person explode by expanding their plasma too much? (looking for a science fair idea for the kids)


He is one ugly man. Nice guns, though.


You didn't offend me.


the thing about Carrot Top, he became the creature that he wanted to be, no matter how incongruous it seemed- an eyeshadow-wearing, crazy-haired prop comic with huge muscles. That is admirable. That doesn't stop him from being annoying as hell, though.


I always though Carrot Top was funny sometimes but at least not a total douchebag like some think.

It's cool that he's got a build far better than the likes of Bradley Pitt.

That said, I cannot help but wonder about his swollen looking face. I immediately thought of this kid who was beaten by police for killing a cop in R.I.


It's not just you.


what the fuck is wrong with orange hair ?? LOL :slight_smile:
Yes a carrot top here also :slight_smile:


His what?


Question: I thought the top of a carrot was green?