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Carrot Top is HUGE


He has gotten huge....Drugs at their best....


And yet the drugs don't appear to have given him a back or legs.


Yea I know dude. Nothing is possible without steroids.

Plus, this thread was done already.


It doesnt work for him to be annoying when he's buff. Does this mean that he's moved on from comedy?


What an idiot. Its known he's into working out and has been for years. Its funny how jealous people bash someone when they do something positive. I guess it makes someone's penis appear bigger to do that.


i think Ironman magazine had a brief thing about him a few years back.....but yeah, he's been into working out for a long time.


Agreed. The guy has been a regular at Gold's gym for years. If you think steroids are a must for even that amount of development, it tells a lot about where you are currently in terms of the muscle you carry. Worse yet, we get this bullshit ON a bodybuilding forum.


I'm with Prof. on this.... We should be giving Kudos to him, drugs or not. Even if he was on juice, he still had to work hard. Considder the guys perfoming schedule i.e. late nights, eating on the road etc. He still had to work for it.


Weird someone said the same thing last time this picture was posted. Now while you might be able to guess at what his legs look like even though he is wearing long pants and the photo is cut off at the knees.....How can you be sure he has no back from this particular picture?


Carrot Top's built himself up pretty good. He's not huge. Certainly not warranting a drug comment. He's been working out for awhile now. Working out works, you know. Now he just needs to work on being funny. I definitely don't think he is.


I've seen photos of him over the years as he's progresseed. If he's using steroids then he's doing it all wrong as it's taken him about 6 or 7 years to go from skinny to current state. It does seem a little silly how often people assume that any one with a good physique must be taking steroids to get it, especially on a site like this with so many people who do achieve their goals both with and without the aid of drugs.


he's going to get cancer. ..


Carrot Top looks good.

I need to figure out how to get some size on my arms. I wonder what his height/weight/measurements are.


Is it possible this reply is sarcasm directed toward the original poster for suggesting that he was juicing?


Is he wearing eye shadow and liner?


No, because he made a similar dumbass comment in the other thread.


Umm... That isnt "steroid" big to me. I remember seeing him on his collect call commercials years ago and thinking "damn..he's getting some guns". That was years back..now he is where he is. I don't think drugs are involved at all.


Pretend this is somebody not famous. Besides his funny looking hair would you make fun of him, no. I think a majority of people would commend him, but he's famous and he is carrottop. Its funny how every body oohhs and ahhs over f&@in Vin Diesel , but like it said its carrottop.


The guy used to be a classic ectomorph. Now he's got what appears to be a rock solid build. I don't understand how people can rip on him for those accomplishments - especially on a BBing site. I don't find him remotely funny, but have a lot of respect for the positive physical (and likely mental/spiritual) changes he's made.


I agree.