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Carrey vs. Farley

ok being huge fans of both, who do you guys think is (was) funnier? Jim Carrey on “In Living Color” or Chris Farley on “SNL”? i have to say i watch “the best of farley” over and over and keep laughing, but Fire Marshall Bill (among many other of Carrey’s “color” characters) still makes my sides hurt.

Hard to say. They’re both physical comedy geniuses. Farley is a “look-at-what-a-disaster-I-am” physical comedian, whereas Carrey is a “look-at-the-wacky-shit -I-can-do-with-my-body” physical comedian. I think that given their different brands of comedy you’re not really comparing apples to apples, so it’s hard to say who’s funnier.

Man, that’s a close one. I would have to say that Carrey is funnier because he was in more movies and can act different roles. Farley was also funny though. Every time I watch Tommy Boy I laugh my ass off.


Zev has it right. It has to come down to personal taste. My vote is for Faqley. Tommy Boy is one of my favorite movies. “I’ve seen some shit in my life, but that…was…AWESOME!”