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Carpel Tunnel?


okay so i have been training for 3-4 years now and just recently my ring finger and the rest of the left side of my left hand has been tingly like it has fallen asleep and its like that for what feels like 60-70% of the time. i was doing DB shrugs and held the wieght just fine in my right hand but could barely keep it in my left so it definately affecting grip strength. i was talking about this and my girl friend's mom said it might be carpel tunnel syndrome. any thoughts????


Can you tell if it's the front AND back of the fingers/hand or just the front (palm side)? It could be carpal tunnel, but it could also be a cervical nerve root problem (pinched nerve in your neck). The pinky and half of the ring finger are innervated by the C8 nerve root.


its front and back but the pinky is worse than the ring finger. i'm on the computer a lot and i lean on my left elbow. could that be it?


It could possibly be ulnar nerve entrapment at the elbow, but I sure am suspicious of the possibility of neck trouble.


well i have it today and this is the first time ive been on the computer today


Dysfunction often precedes pain. Your posture at work, your exercise programming, lifestyle, may have had a cumulative effect and may have converged into the tingling sensation you are experiencing. In other words, if it is an impingement of C8 as Dr J theorizes, the symptoms may now appear randomly whereas, before, you only noticed it when shrugging under load (which would obviously irritate the C8).


so the main question is should i be worried about it?


I strongly recommend that you should (in order of priority): 1) stop doing movements that bring this on; 2) ascertain the root cause; 3) re-evaluate your programming, technique, lifestyle (ie posture).


i dont have movements that bring this on its just constantly like that


Yes, it is definitely worth getting checked out. I got caught up in trying to "diagnose" you and forgot that important piece of advice. Do yourself a favor and see a doctor.


Alright thanks guys i'm definately going to get this checked out because its annoying the hell out of me.