Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Workout

After few months of different recoveries I thought I will finally be able to lift normally, however I think I had developed carpal tunnel syndrome in one wrist due to all the clicking at work and at home. I will go to doctor for it but what would be the best exercise-wise? For cardio probably swimming, hiking, rolling blades,… (pretty much anything) and for resistance training machines?

I hope I will be healthy for some time after I resolve this issue and not go into another one in next few weeks.

What makes you think you have carpal tunnel?

Unfortunately, there are minimal exercise strategies to improve true carpal tunnel other than relative rest and gradual re-introduction of load

I think I might have in from pain in the wrist and numbness in hand. At my work I do a lot of repetive clicking and I also use computer outside of work time.

Last week we had only 3 work days so pain was gone and I thought it went away however today pain returned.

I know this seems counterintuitive, but forearm work always seemed to help.

Having a dowel with a 20 foot rope and a plate on the end that you stand on a balcony and roll up and down lets me wake up without having to hold my hand in the air for 30 seconds when I wake up.


There are lots of ergonomic mouse, keyboard and keyboard pad options to look into investing in. There’s also good chance you’ll be able to get your employer to pay for it, especially if you live/work in a Western country

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Yesterday I went to doctor and it is highly likely that I have carpal tunnel syndrome (she did two tests). I bought new stuff for home, will need some new stuff at work (costs on employer). In few weeks I also need to go to special doctor so she confirms diagnosis and makes treatment plan.