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Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Gonna have to have it on both wrists as it’s becoming intolerable.
I have talked to a few who have had surgery, but none of them lift.

I’m more worried about the down time than anything.

ART did more then any surgery I had.


I might be too late for commenting, but just in case…
Do NOT have surgery on both wrists at the same time, as you will day to day functionality extraordinarily difficult. You won’t be able to open doors, button shirts or wipe your butt. One wrist at a time. Follow rehab protocol strictly, or you will find yourself right back where you started in no time. You’ll know immediately if what you’re lifting is too heavy, as it’s going to hurt. Do not neglect to constantly massage the incision site to prevent scar tissue. I’m glad I had both surgeries, but I was stupid and tried to go back to a normal existence soon afterward. This was a big mistake. Take time off and heal.

Got it on both wrists a couple months ago and 4. After each I took a week off, doing only one session for lower body. Then straight into upper body. Obviously no pushing but appart from that you can do all lower body and back work, considering these:
_prefer neutral grip on all pulling motions (pull-up, rows etc) for a solid month
_same for arms: hammer grip cable curls and push down
_for chest alas you only have pec decks and machinew
_same for shoulders, use machines, face pulls and upward rows using cables

Go easy on upper body, very hard on lower. Use nice stuff like SSB or zercher squats. After 4-6 weeks, take 1-2 weeks off upper body then you’re golden. 6 weeks after I was benching 100kg no problemo.

I also suggest you begin to learn the hook grip because your thumb grip will suck ( plus it’s the best thing there is)

Had Carpal surgery on both hands over the past 6 months. Working with recovery but motivation and drive is waining. Thought perhaps Cardio would get me off my ass but not having much luck due to limited performance. Any suggestions? Thanks!