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Carpal Tunnel/ART

I need some help folks. I have had loss of sensation in my hand for about a year and a half. Now it’s not very severe, and usually it doesn’t bother me. It’s prolly about a 5-10% loss by my estimation, it’s just slightly not at full feeling. I had gone to a doctor and they reccomended PT. I went to a few PT sessions, they put ice on it, did some electrostimulation and stretching, helped slightly. This is all from computer related typing/gaming etc.

In the past week I’ve had soem pain in my right wrist and it’s giving me trouble in the gym. I’m thinking about finally getting this taken care of once and for all. I’d like to try ART, as I know alot of people swear by it and I’ve tried everythign else, aside from surgery. Does anyone know of an art practioner in the Rochester, NY area? I couldn’t find one.

By all means try ART. I found that a lot of my carpal tunnel symptoms actually originate in my neck.

To find a provider, go to http://www.activerelease.com/ and search for a provider in your zip code.

Hey bud,

I was raised in Rochester. Great town, except for the 6 months of grey skies. (damn I miss Pontillo’s pizza).
Anyway, the other poster is definitely correct about the symptoms possibly originating in the neck. It is hard to do a good exam that will thoroughly go through all of the facets of this type of pathology. Really, a good practicioner should check every major joint from the neck on down to see if it is in the neck (stenotic IV foramen, etc.) shoulder (TOS), elbow (cubitl tunnel) or if in fact it is coming from the wrist (said carpal tunnel).

Now, you could be “the proud owner of two pathologies” (to quote Arthur Nitz). There could be a slightly narrowed IV foramen in the neck with a bit of enclosure upon your carpal tunnel. These two together will magnify the symptoms felt at your neck.

There is your background on CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome) and referred upper extremity pain. Now it is your turn to give me some info so that I may help you better. Did you get a nerve conduction velocity study done on your wrist? (If they do, make sure they check all the way up to the shoulder) Did the therapists look at all your joints involved? Neck as well?

Active Release Therapy will take care of tissue adhesions if in fact there are any at the wrist, but it will be of no use to dig away at those flexor tendons if there is not any pathology in the first place.

PM me if you need any more info.


I was starting to have some trouble with my wrist in my last semester of school. I was presenting a seminar on workplace productivity for school I found the link above. Starting at stretch #10, I did those stretches religously for a few weeks and my wrist is all better. I changed up the stretches a little bit too. But they worked!