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Carnivore (Restaurant)


The place that dreams (& nightmares) are made of...

So my friends from the UK were visiting me in Egypt.

It was their last night last night and we decided to go to a restaurant that i've been wanting to go to for a while now. The place is called carnivore... And believe me it lives up to it's name!

The place is African themed, think Kenya decor etc...

It works on a 3 course set menu, the starter was carrot and mint soup which was quite nice.

I guess this was just to line the stomach from the hell that was to ensue.

A 2 tier lazy suzan was brought out and left on the table. All kinds of dips, tehina, bbq sauce, maasai sauce and so on.

This is when things got good.

The menu for the evening was:

  1. Chicken wings
  2. Tandoori chicken
  3. Roast chicken
  4. Veal cubes
  5. Veal leg
  6. Ostrich
  7. Beef
  8. Lamb
  9. Turkey

All cooked on a huge bbq outside the restaurant. Brought to the table on a Maasai sword, and carved onto the scolding hot earthenware plate.

You have a flag on the table which you leave up if you want the guys to keep coming and lay it down when you would like a break.

We sat for about 3 hours. I left just about able to walk, my throat was getting sore as well.

When i got home my limbs began to tingle and i started to get lower back pain. I'm coughing and have a headache. Needless to say i vomited last night.

The feeling i have is the same as the day after a heavy drinking session.

How can something i love have done this to me?

The pic is of my friend with the turkey.

Just thought i'd share my experience....


The scraps...


I know I'd regret it later, but yeah, I'd like to try that!

It's funny how much meat I can eat. I'd like to try one of those 72oz steak challenges they have at some places in the US.
Though I know I'd probably not be the kind of guy to finish it. Maybe 50oz then done.


Is that you in the background?


I haven't done the 72oz yet. However, I went to Don Shula's and ordered the 48oz. Finished it. Ordered another. Finished it. They fear me.

As soon as I get to Texas, I will destroy that steak.


Oh, btw.

If you're interested in some awesome meat, check this.


You can order LION.

Not a joke.


Only thing that's missing is the pork.

BBQ pork is wicked.


Wow, by my math that's 96oz!
That's what I mean...I think I could do it, but I don't want to sound overconfident.

I'm a little surprised that there are no 72oz steak challenges in NY.


Nah thats my friend. This is me.

They have a branch in Kenya and 1 in South africa, they serve Zebra, lion, gazelle etc pretty much everything you see on safari. I guess Cairo is more conservative.


An hour after the smiling picture....


So is the point of this restaurant just a big "fuck you" to all the African countries that are stricken with poverty and famine? Keep doin' yo thang Egypt...


Well, in the 48oz'er, the bone accounts for a chunk.

In brighter new...Just googled. There isn't a 72oz challenge in NY.

It's 76oz!

And not too far. Stay tuned for video.


I'm looking forward to it.

I'm in Taiwan and on the Travel Channel we get the show "Man VS Food" which makes me not only hungry but a little nuts, as that kind of fare is nowhere near me at all.


The first branch was in Kenya, and it's a Kenyan Company... You know that starving African country.

And i just realised that this is the Only restaurant in the world that is all you can eat...

Im sure all u can eat was invented in North America, which probably has the highest density of all you can eat restaurants in the world.

You are a fucking prick.


Pretty sure he's a vegetarian...it figures he just had to say something about a restaurant dedicated to eating meat.


^^ Somewhat correct, more so just the mass gluttony. But to be fair, I look forward to every Tuesday to see the new Epic Meal Time vid...so I suppose I'm torn.


Don't worry about him. He's a 2010'er. FROM CANADA...

I kid...


^^^ good point!


THere's a similar resturant in Massachusetts called "Midwest Grille" all Brazilian BBQ, they come out with the meat on swords and say "would you like some chicken wrapped in bacon" and I reply "why yes I would my good sir" then they come out with steak with garlic and ask if I would like that and it goes on and on. A meat lovers paradise and relatively inexpensive


^^ sounds pretty much the same.