Carnivore Diet for GERD

I think I will get a lot of hate for this but I’m thinking about doing the Carnivore Diet I’ve tried the PN Elimination Diet (Turkey+White Rice, Lamb Liver + White Rice), Cutting Dairy, No Lactose, SCD Diet was not so good all the peanuts gave me extreme bubble gut and my girlfriend is highly allergic to them, tried using Apple Cider Vinegar, Used all sorts of prescription Drugs, they even gave me double the dose I need and no help

All my life I have randomly bloated causing bad gas discharge, and a wierd sound in my esophagus with the inability to breathe through my mouth, sometimes people would think I stuttered when talking but it was Acid Reflux I didn’t know what I suffered with for a long time but now I do, I’ve taken a lot of advice from this forum and critics may say I haven’t but I really have,

I thought my problem was low stomach acid so I purchased some HCL pills with pepsin took them when needed throughout the day and I could burp which was great! I am unable to burp on command something to do with my GI System but with these pills I could and it would reduce gas, took them for about a week, I was at the cinema with my girlfriend and her friend and I coughed stomach acid up into my mouth!, I felt ill for days and had to stop the tablets.

I’ve heard a lot of people have cured their GERD by cutting carbs, before I didn’t beleive in it or think it was an option but with strength athletes like Mark Bell talking good of it I think I might give it a go.

I was planning on eating 3500 calories of food less than I normally eat but if I can add 2.5kg to the bar every week as the usual average I won’t be increasing it until that stops, I do train DoggCrapp but I’d think it would increase my performance as being less ill and having these outbreaks will reduce my stress and improve my breathing and digestion.

My macros were going to be.

309g Protein 246g Fat 25g Carb

1.2kg Beef Mince (I’ll make them into something interesting so it is sustainable e.g. patties)
2 eggs
500g Greek Yoghurt

I know it is very high protein but DC requires me to try hit 2g/lb bodyweight I recover just fine at 300 though rather than 370-380

TL;DR I’ve tried plenty of dietary changes but still have acid reflux has anyone got amy experience with a Carnivore diet?

I cured my GERD in a month of drinking bone broth. Seriously. You’re in the UK, yeah?

Yes, heard a lot of things about this carnivore diet as I’ve said tried PN Elimination Diet, No Dairy, No fizzy drinks, Gluten free, SCD, Betanine HCL, Apple Cidar Vinegar, Slippery Elm Bark, Digestive Enzymes, Lanzoprezole, Mebevrine, High Fibre the list goes on…

I’ve heard of people curing GERD with no carbs so I will try give it a go…

It does sound like your stomach is much more fucked up than it should be.

All those diets you tried like SCD, elimination diet, etc. - did you give them a good go? What I mean is that you need to spend months on each diet to give it time to work, so did you do that or did you just try each thing for a few weeks then change it?

I mean, doesn’t the SCD diet have like a 4 week introductory phase where you eat pretty much nothing but pureed carrot and turkey meatballs? Shit is hardcore. If you’ve really done all of those diets properly and your stomach is still fucked then it’s time to seek serious medical help.

Another fad diet probably isn’t the answer.

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Something like that it was a while back but I remember eating lots of peanuts and they just bloated me, I was supposed to get an endoscopy and silly me didn’t read the letter and I wasn’t supposed to eat beforehand, when I try to reschedule the secretary doesn’t answer and she hasn’t bothered to reply to my email, NHS for you…

And yeah gave elimination diet a good go I was eating just lots of rice, lamb liver and turkey.

NHS just try say that I will have to live with it even though GERD can lead to very bad conditions in the future.

Yeah, pretty sure you’re not supposed to eat peanuts on the SCD but whatever.

GERD can cause some pretty nasty shit so I understand why you’re worried. I was too. The bone broth really did kick ass for me. Like, GERD symptoms for about a decade, then after a month of drinking the broth it was gone and it hasn’t been back.

It actually seems too good to be true but here I am like 3 months since I stopped drinking the broth and I can’t even remember the last time I had any GERD symptoms. Not even slightly.


Hey @Yogi1, how much bone broth did you consume per day, and for how long? Did you use a particular kind?

Ya, I ordered the low-FODMAP stuff from Coombe Farm Organic. Just FYI - the chicken broth is waaaaay nicer than the beef.

It was the best thing ever but it’s not cheap, and there’s only so long I can justify a £6 a day broth habit. If I could afford to I would drink it every day for the rest of my life.

I started cooking my own broth. I’d make a whole chicken in the oven, strip the carcass clean, and put the bones in a slow-cooker overnight together with plenty of water. Way cheaper than 6 sterling a day.