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Anyone else watch this crazy series on HBO?

Nope, watched it for 5 mintues once, and I felt like a space cadet for doing so. Is it actually any good?

It is once you get into it. But you can’t miss an episode or you’ll be totally confused. It’s confusing even if you don’t! But it’s a good, weird show. The first season is over now. I’m not sure if they’re replaying it or not.

It’s a totally bizarre story. I’m still trying to figure out what’s going on. Also, I’m still hoping to see more of the two girls naked together. :slight_smile:


I love the show! However I thought the last episode sucked worst then running out of surge on leg day.

They didn’t tie things in the way I thought they would.

Who is the dude with tats?
I’m now thinking that it’s NOT Scutter.

Also is there any good sites where people talk about this show?


I was totally into it and waited anxiously for each episode.

But yeah that ending did leave me hanging!

I watch all the hbo shows… carnival was preety good…my favorite is the “WIRE” and then “SOPRANOS”…they are by far my favorite my shows on tv and i would rate carnival in my top 10 it is just a little too weird for me…big martin