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Carmichael's Westside Hybrid for Athletes

Andrew Carmichael-6’1"-275lb: Read my first post to get a detailed bio:

ME Upper:
-2 Board Press with mini bands (wide grip): 1RM; 80% 4x4:
455lb; 365

  • Hang Cleans: 100% 2x1; 105% 1x1; 80% of new 1RM (105% set) 2x3:
    245lb; 260lb; 205lb
  • Bent Over Rows @ 90* bend, overhand grip: 4x6:
  • DB Incline Bench: 4x6:
    95s, 110s, 110s, 120s
  • Cable Tricep Pushdown with straight bar: 10-8-6-dropset:
    8plate-10plate-12plate-7plate x 30rep
  • Cable Lat Pulldown with V-grip handle: 10-8-6-dropset:
    16plate-18plate-20plate-14plate x 10rep
  • Side Crunch @ 45* Angle: 3x10:
    with 32kg kettle bell
  • Cable Front Crunches: 3x10:
    90lb resistance

This was a long day but a productive one. A little “PowerBuilding” near the end. I’ve always been an upper body guy so this was a strong day for me.