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Thats a Fucked up story about Carl,TC. If I ever met that guy I wouldn't feel sorry for him I'll have a few word w/ him.

I hate people lying about something they don't have especial a diesease like cancer. Becuase, everyone feels for you if you say you got it. And they try and help you any way they can.

Although, for me I like to do things on my own. And I don't want that help. It is nice of them to offer but don't treat me like I am a sick person. Because I am not! I think people w/ cancer like to do things on there own unless they are really sick and they are in the hospital. We don't like hand outs ect. Same w/ something like ADIS (which by the way is out there just not talked about that much).

Sorry, this post was so long the reason I post this is to say that most cancer patients are strong indvduals and they really don't want the help that people give them. It's nice but we like to do things on our own. Postive thinking is the only way to beat this disease.

In Health,

Silas C.