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Carl Yngvar Christensen Breaks IPF WRs


901kg total in the sub-junior class!

This kid is what, 19 years old? Easiest looking WRs I've ever seen.

This is why Vikings used to wreck shit.






wow...he blasted though those...so much power...wow

however, i'm suprised no one noticed...look at how much he weighs, when you work it out, hes barely deadlifting twice bodyweight so relatively hes not really very strong, some of my friends in highschool were stronger than him in a way, relatively speaking since obviously they were lighter so they could still be functional, and they didnt even train back or legs


You're a fucking idiot.

Actually, idiot is too nice.

You're a complete and utter retard. Your friends are not stronger than him. In ANY way.


Strength and size do not share a linear relationship.



If you think about it, an ant can lift 10x their own bodyweight. And those dudes are fucking tiny. So really, Andy Bolton's 1000lb pull isn't anything too impressive.


please dont feed the troll...


ok, slight misunderstanding,, i thought the sarcastic troll jokes were still funny but i guess i missed the boat

i have nothing but utter respect for
Christensen, and i thought that i was over the top enough that the joke wouldnt be missed, should have made it more clear that i making a joke, only less funny


Your friends are also way stronger than that elephant in your avatar. Pussy Elephant.



Scandanavians...I'll tell you. God's chosen people when it comes to making economical furniture, lifting enormous objects and creating austere yet safe cars.

I bet that kid grew up wrestling humpback whales or something.


CYC in 2005: http://www.tacky.no/snowboard/videosimple/vis_video.asp?id=22283


Those were deep.

Makes me wanna stop the wide stance, glute/ham' type squats I picked up doing the Westside stuff and go back to quad squatting.



I can assure you, not all scandinavians are built like him. I'm living proof of that :stuck_out_tongue:


Quad squatting... heh.


Obviously this kid is completely quad dominant and therefore lacks explosive power and the ability to squat big weights. Somebody get him some Chucks.


The word "functional" and phrase "they didn't even train back or legs" made me think you were joking. No, actually they made me really hope you were joking.


Probably only ever does leg curls too.

Sure he only pulled what, 700ish as a teen.... his posterior chain is obviously mega weak.


Vikings man.

They're going to start raping and pillaging again, one powerlifting competition at a time...


Holy shit. It looked like he coulda hit those 3rd attempts for a triple!

Very impressive!