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Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot

makes you think

Makes you wonder why we are so small and still argue over politics on an internet forum.

What does it make you think about MC?

sigh I miss Carl.

“Cosmos” totally held me captive when it first aired.

monsiour_quebec, did you see the movie “Contact,” based on the book by Carl Sagan? Some pretty “deep” shit!

well Carl Sagan was a very “deep”,and smart man,also a big time pot smoker…

Was he part of the Guns & Dope party?

Makes everything so laughable in my opinion. One spec against another spec. Heheh. :slight_smile:

As for Carl Sagan read one of his books then you will be amazed. Try: “The Dragons of Eden: Theories on the Evolution of Human Intelligence”. A super fast read. Better than most stories I’ve read. Such a talented writer. :frowning: