Carl Miller Intensive Cluster

Hello coach! Can you writte about Carl Miller Intensive Cluster Sets. Precise number of reps, rest time between reps, number of sets, rest time between sets, tempo, what precentage of 1 RM is used, when to add weight and how much?

It already is discussed in an article on clusters.

I mean, it literally took me 3 seconds to find it with the T-nation search engine.

I love answering questions, but I think people should do their due diligence and at least do a quick T-nation search to see if they can find the info they are looking for before asking me.

And just in case even that is too much effort for you to take 2 minutes out of your precious time to read the article to find the info you are looking for, here it is…


  • Number of singles in a set: 2-3
  • Rest between singles in a cluster: 45-60 seconds
  • Load: 87-95% for all movements (clean & jerk could be as low as 82%)
  • Number of cluster sets: 3-4
  • Rest between sets: 2-3 minutes