Carl Lewis Video

My buddy Jeff directed me to this video of Carl Lewis … I think it’s awesome:

-Grant Hansen

HAHAH that was funny!

Is it just me or does that video seem…um how do I say this? I don’t want to offend anyone…hmm. Carl also seems a bit…uh…he looks…oh never mind.

Let me just say that I laughed till I cried…

What was he thinking?

oh my goodness…

that was BAR NONE the most homosexual thing I’ve ever seen. BAR NONE.

It must be a joke I mean whats with the bubbles appearing all the time and he does definetely look gay in it. Damn funny.

What’s of particular note is that the videos section of this Web site seems to exist solely for this tragedy. It’s the only file in there. Not even going to comment on the whole old lady and do not disturb sign.

That was sad. No, really, that almost made me cry…but then I started laughing…until I cried…and then I called friends to take a look…and we all cried.

Is he wearing a singlet with belt?