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Carl Lewis gets busted for Roids!


In 1988, the year Ben Johnson got busted, Carl Lewis did as well, but his bust got covered up! I recall Charlie Francis talking about this a couple of years ago on T-Mag. He didn’t mention Carl Lewis’s name, but you could tell that’s who he was talking about. To be honest, I didn’t believe him when he said it, I just thought he was sticking up for Ben still.

I’ve aleady posted this. The article I saw said he was busted for over the counter herbal stimulants - pseudoephedrine type stuff. Not steroids. Although I’m sure he was on them.

Yeah, okay, it wasn’t roids. I re-read the article and saw that. But I wouldn’t doubt it one bit if he was either. Really makes you wonder how often this sort of thing happened.

And God said: “Let There Be Steroids.” Damn, for honesty’s sake, just make them legal in all sports. A big percentage of the elite are already juiced up anyway. What the heck, the minute you take one supplement you aren’t ‘natural’ anymore. I KNOW IT IS A MATTER OF DEGREE (i.e. Creatine is not D-Bol is not X is not Y). Since they are already using them by the truckload, why not? Afraid ‘Average Joe’ would take them and become one in their league (more competition) ? As long as someone takes his responsibilities (and ideally would sign a disclaimer form), I’d allow it.