Carl Brashear - A real T-Man

I met a true T-Man today. Carl Brashear, whose life inspired the film, Men of Honor, spoke at a seminar I attended. I have not seen the film (but will now!) but to summarize: He is an African American who joined the Navy during the segregated days and despite all obstacles, including racism and the loss of his lower leg!, achieved his life long goal of becoming a master diver. After his leg was replaced he worked out in secret to make himself just as capable (in fact more capable) than his fellow sailors with two legs. In order to resume his career, he was subjected to an incredible series of physical tests that was not even required of healthy sailors and met every one, including running, climbing a ladder with weights, climbing a ladder with both 190# and 290# diving suits. He also overcame his lack of education (he left school after the seventh grade), by self educating himself while in the Navy. After all his travails and walks through the gauntlet, the man has not a bitter bone in his body! He is the living proof that the strongest muscle in the body is the mind. His life is more inspirational than any movie I have seen and it was an honor to shake his hand.

I just saw the movie a couple of nights ago. Great film!!! He’s definitely a T-Man! Watch it people!

Movie was great, inspired me to do internet search, where I then became a little disappointed in the movie. He failed, whether by fair means or not, his first try. He nutted up and made it on another try. That made the guy more impressive to me than the already impressive man in the movie.