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Caribbean Recommendations


I need some travel recommendations from some T-Nationers here...

I want to send my parents on a Caribbean vacation for a Christmas present this year. I plan to book it on priceline/redtag/etc and would like something 5 stars and beachfront.

I'd like to send them somewhere without a bunch of college kids vomiting near the swim-up bar, reasonably safe, with the option of some day excursions away from the resort. It should really be "senior friendly" as my father is 82, and my mother in her late 60's.

My budget is about $3000 for the two of them (flight included from Toronto), but would be willing to go higher for the right place.

Any suggestions? (a cruise is a no-go, as my mother gets pretty bad claustrophobia at times, and I understand the chambers are pretty tiny)


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It's not caribbean, but I went to bermuda last summer and it's very senior friendly. Surprisingly none of the beaches we went to were ever very crowded, and you can wade into calm water about waste deep and see some pretty awesome fish come swimming right up to you. I have a video from when I went, I'll try to dig it up and post it later.


Nah they've already been to Florida, but thanks...


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PimpBot, I have stayed here and can vouch that it is indeed very nice. Prices are 200-400 a night per person for an all inclusive, great bars, fantastic pool, and on Palm beach. I have also stayed at the Weston, which is right next door to this one, and a little cheaper, but not an all inclusive. The Riu was much nicer.

Edit: sorry forgot to mention its in Aruba. So its pretty laid back, not too many college kids, but there are definitely activities in and around the area (further up the beach). You can rent a car for about $100 a day, or cabs into town are about $8-10 each way.



Cruise ships are pretty good way to go too. There are a lot package deals where you can pay for almost everything up front, and your folks would only be paying for souvenirs and maybe drinks. With a little fore planning you can find a cruise that sails by night and docks each morning. Everyday (or nearly) you folks could wake up a different island. The bigger island resorts should have some good package deals as well.

I used to bum around the a Caribbean a fair bit. I've always enjoyed Tampico, Bermuda, Aruba, The Keys, and Puerto Rico. I liked Jamaica too, but I don't know what it's current socio/political climate is anymore.




After my first cruise to the caribbean I was hooked. 4 more later and it's still my favorite type of vacation.

Going back in May..not exactly sure where and I honestly don't care. Being on those ships is so much fun.

So i'd recommend a caribbean cruise =)


That's a nice thing you're doing for the folks. Really makes me wonder if my annual Hickory Farms sampler pack wrapped in a decorative bow shows what an appreciative son I am.