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Caribbean / LA Vacation help


Hey guys need some info on vacation planning help. Me and a buddy are planning on going to Havana Cuba the Cancun Mex… We have 10 days so we could do Puerto Rico - Havana - Cancun

We are 2 divorced guys in late 30s like to party… So we dont have any rules or regulations besides not wanting to end up in a 3rd world jail or get a incurable std

Are their some better places to hit? Do I need to pre book hotels air bnb ect? Kinda wanted to fly by seat of pants and have a adventure… Cheap drinks and wild brown women


Dang nothing nobody here been too the caribbean


I’ve been to Havanna on business. It’s a dump.

My advice is to bring a fair amount of cash, in smallish bills.

The ATMs don’t work for crap and are very expensive. And no US-based credit card works.

Dollars are OK, but better are Euros or even Mexican Pesos. There is a 10% tax on the exchange of US Dollars that I do not believe applies to other currencies.