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Cargo Pants


I tried doing a few searches but didn't come up with much.
Basically, I hate wearing jeans. They just feel way too uncomfortable.

Does anyone know where I can get some decent, casual cargo pants that are not ridiculously expensive? Places like OldNavy are great but I get that damn 'we don't ship overseas' text way too often.

I look around and it seems a lot of bber type people with larg(er) legs wear cargo pants a lot, so I thought maybe the people here would know of some good vendors. I am not looking for anything fancy, but I don't want something that screams 'office' (read: khakis) if you know what I mean.

Thanks for any help.


they dont make cargo pants in europe? lol


Don't know if Next ship to Finland or not... http://www.nextdirectory.eu/index.asp

I've also bought a few pairs in the past from ebay - plenty of new ones there and most places will ship internationally.


Levi's from Macy's or somewhere similar.

Cheap and they last.

edit: didn't notice you were in Finland....if you ever make it to the states, my advice still stands.


Old Navy


Try http://www.lapolicegear.com/51174251.html
They are a little militaristic but the most comfortable cargo type pants I have ever worn!


Banana Republic.


Military Surplus? Loose fit. Lots of pockets. Camouflage. What more could you want?


rofl, they usually also carry "diplomat" pants, which is basically a khaki version. I kinda want a pair.