Careers in Strength

i’m considering switching gears career-wise, and make living in strength sports either coaching athletes or something like that.
Not interested in Personal Trainer work, instead something like strength coach at HS level or College.

Of course a BA in sports physiology would help, but what about certification as Strength specialist from reputable org??

also for those of you already doing this or similar, what are salaries like??? thanks.

I think coaching requirements are different in different states. All I can tell you is about Texas. Here, most coaches are teachers who get a coaching stipen. The base teacher’s salary start off around 28K a year and goes up depending on where you are in the state and how much money your district has. My best friend teaches Spanish and is the head track coach and receivers coach for his school. He is getting somewhere around 55K a year. Our cost of living is not has high as maybe yours.

He had to get his teaching certification (BS or BA required) and got into coaching because he was a hell of a good quarterback and trackster.

All this to tell you that you have to have a degree first and teaching certificate before you can coach. Just a certification and no degree wouldn’t help you out.

I’ve spoken to a few college-level strength coaches and they all recommended NOT getting a degree in Sports Physiology. Apparently, one would be majoring in something like biology, biomechanics, or kinesiology, then getting a CSCS certification.

Yes you need a teaching certicficate. Sometimes a district will hire you on as an “intern” status but you sign a contract saying you will complete the certification process in the next 2 years and they deduct X amount of money out of your paycheck to cover the cost of the program.

Otherwise you need the Bachelors to get the ceritificate. The above mentioned majors sound correct to me, mainly kinesiology (although the others may be benefitial for additonal routes).

I also recommed the CSCS certification from NSCA. The website is NSCA

As you were…

Well for one performance enhancement coaches don’t earn a good living unless they’re private one.

I have NSCA CSCS text book, it has alot of nice to know and good to know information but nothing really you pluck out and use.

I recommend you go for perform better seminars and mike Boyle’s/Vern Gambetta mentorships as well apply for internship to get a hang of things are ran before deciding to go into the deep end.

Weib those are some good tips, thanks .