Careers in Nutrition Major

Well as most of you know I am in elementary education, but the past few days i’ve been seriously stressing the F out about it, with all the negative things i keep hearing, and have yet to hear one positive thing about it. That along with many other factors, I think I’ve decided I’m going to get out of it. I’m already a junior in college, but school is only 2 weeks in so far, so it’s not like I’ve missed a ton.

To be honest there’s not a whole lot of things that interest me in life besides just sitting around doing nothing (pathetic as all get out, i know), but, there is one thing that I am addicted to and almost a little obsessed about. That is nutrition, studying nutrition, and applying it to my own life. It’s the one thing I actually spend hours studying on in my free time, and have learned a buttload about it.

My question is, are there many fields in nutrition that one can major and get a degree for? The money isn’t necessarily a huge thing, as long as I can keep above something like 37k a year. My dad suggested maybe nutrition major with culinary arts school afterwards, if my college doesn’t have culinary arts. He said a chef field is a whole lot more open and makes a good deal of money.

Any thoughts on possible work jobs with a nutrition major?

It is quite common for large gyms or personal training centers to have a registered dietician on payroll. Those people can make decent money. You can also do nutrition consultations, going rate is similar to PT sessions or a little lower, 40-60 hr in my area. You could be a combo PT and nutritionist, that is always a good combo as the two obviously go hand in hand.

To be a registered dietician that normally involves an undergraduate degree and then some post grad work, it is usually 5-6 years of college total I believe. Nutrition is cool but as you probably know from your study of it it is not easy and has a heavy science background, so just be prepared. Good luck with it.