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Career Tips for a College Guy


Hey, my only real hobby in life is weight lifting mixed with other types of training. Any one know what career fields I could go into that relates to this.

Anything will do, even random career ideas. I'm in college for something but I don't know what.


Personal Trainer a real one not one of those that gives people 5 pound pink dumbbells to do a hundred curls. You can change the industry


Try sports medicine or physical therapy. Strength or weight training coach for college sports teams.


thanks for the suggestions, anybody else?


I am aware of your hobbies, but what is your passion. What is it that you can read/learn about for hours at a time? What interests and excites you each and every time you learn more about a specific topic? I am in the excact same situation you are and ultimately decided upon a major in nutrition(sports specific) and a minor in sports medicine.

Good luck!


My advice:
If you're truly interested in this take a course on it and see what it entails. I would start with Human Anat. and Physiology. From there take a kinesiology course or two; maybe some biochem; etc. You're definetly also going to need biology and some chemistry.

So start with those; if you enjoy them so be it. If you don't; find something that ignites your passion like those pics of a certain moderator on this site (Stop blushing Mod!)



Some of the best Physical Therapists I know are heavily into weight trainiing and the lifestyle, and they also love to help people in a theraputic manner, so P.T. is naturally for them...Also, Physical Education teacher, Personal Trainer, Rehab Coordinator, Sports Coach, Orthopedic Physician, Orthopedic Surgeon. Ortho docs work with bones and muscles, if that's your thing, and they have to be physically strong to say reduce a bone, etc.

Good Luck!


Weight Training has become a passion, but i'm just not sure if I could be a success at it. I got a fear of fuckin up my whole college career.

But thanks for everybody's input, I have more ideas about careers then before, thanks again.


Oh my.