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Career thoughts

I am very interested in advanced therapy such as A.R.T. and the CHEK stuff, and also with Strenth Training. I am wondering if anyone had any ideas about combining these two interests. I have thought of everything from Med school, to personal training, to chiropractic school, to collegiate strength and conditioning, to corporate fitness, to physical therapy. Every field tends to be focused on either therapy or training. I can’t decide what would be the best path to take to do what I would like to do. Does anyone out there face a similar career dilema? Any thoughts? Thanks.

I wish you luck, but take it from an MD, for your purposes medical school would probably not be the way to go. Lots of work and there are easier ways to get the background info you need.

Do it all man! The key to happiness is to find what interests you and find a way to make a carrer out of it, myself I combine Nutrition, Accupuncture, Massage, Traditional Chinese Herbs and personal training. (However I dont really think of myself as some ACE type of dork)All traing is stability ball based and functional strength is always the main objective. Future plans, open my own gym of course! Good luck, put out the effort and it will happen

I agree with Newby. As a strength coach and exercise physiologist, I’ve give my left nut to have and MD next to my name however at 26, I’m not up for another 5-7 years of school. That being said, I’d opt for chiropractic school and then focus on the sport rehab training, get the A.R.T. courses under your belt, and set up my own shop.

I went to chiropractic college and got an undergrad degree in biology. I’m credentialed with ART for the total body. I’ve also taken Chek’s video courses. What I would recommend is to take things in steps. ART is very expensive, and I feel that you need a very solid background in anatomy before you get a lot out of it. Some of the best practitioners are chiropractors with many years experience under their belts. I don’t want to discourage you, but you need to really work hard at it to get the most out of it. I’ve seen successfully many cases that seemed to fail under other means that were easy to fix with ART. Just be prepared before you take the work. You’ll have to take some formal education of some type before you get into Chek stuff and ART.
A good friend of mine is a very good ART provider that is a personal trainer. He first studied massage therapy before he took the ART.
You need a good base of something and build on that with the advanced stuff to get the most out of it.

I was wondering if anyone know what, if any, sorts of official pre-requisites there are for ART. Thanks

Technically there are no prerequisites for ART. However, you wil need a very extensive background in anatomy and a lot of experience working on bodies in some way before you even think about it. ART success relies on palpation skills, so you will need a high degree of skill to have any succes with it. Very experienced chiropractors, massage therapists, etc, find it very challenging to learn. It’s worth it, though.