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Career in Sports Medicine

So Im thinking about my career, seeing as Im almost done with my first year in college. I’ve been thinking of the sports medicine field.

Question is… what classes would I have to take to get that degree. Kinesiology? Anatomy?

Id like to to something like training, nutrition, etc. But I really dont want to be in a field where Im required to take biology, or any sciences casue I just brutally suck in those classes. Or would they be a requirment?

So again, what classes would I have to take to get a sports medicine degree?


You would need classes like human anatomy and physiology, motor learning, biomechanics, and several other science and lab courses.

Those are some of the courses I have to take for it. Does your university offer a degree in kinesiology?

if he goes to the University of Texas,they have a great program for the kinesology degree.

LSU also has a good one,i plan on attending UT within the year as soon as my scholarship goes through

I don’t know if an undergraduate degree program exists, but a career in sports medicine requires completion of undergrad, medical school, a related residency (ie. orthopedics, physical medicine) and a sports medicine fellowship.

Talking to a premed advisor at your university is the best way to get started.